Welcome to my Drupal install

Of the top three Open Source Content Management Systems, I've adopted Drupal by Dries Buytaert. It's technically richer, more logical and extensible than Joomla imo. From what I've read Wordpress is easier to craft, but I haven't personally worked with it.

This site is served by an Ubuntu Debian LAMP on an Intel P4 Intel Mac Mini Supermicro X10SL7 with 5/30 Mb cable 50Mb^2 VZ Fios broadband. A little Gig-E here, a little powerline ethernet there, et voilà, up the router.

Using a KillaWatt, I measured the idle power consumption to be 120W 30 Watts. (the new supermicro whitebox with a bunch of disk pulls 40 watts at idle) So at my utility rate of ~.11c KWh that's about $2.29 per month, or less than $30 smackers a year. Much more cost effective than dedicated hosting, much more versatile, and hella more fun.

Edit: 12/2/2015

Well this page hasn't changed for a long time, and a lot has gone on. I'm maintaining Drupal 6, because migration paths to 7 and 8 are a nightmare. Not that you were wondering, but the site was down for about a year because my pfsense router chit the bed, and I couldn't have that poor mac mini face the DMZ alone. But it's back, badder than ever ->

  • hardware upgraded to Supermicro X10SL7 with all the server goodness of Xeon and ECC RAM
  • www still on a debian apache, but updated to 6.0.10 in a virtual machine - no more worring about drupal updates
  • a bunch of other vm's running on the ESXI, zoneminder on deb 8, and freeNAS and pfSense on BSD.

It's the computer equivalent of a rube goldberg, but it cranks. And an interesting comparison against the original Intel P4 pulling 120 watts of a decade ago, the new hardware handles many workloads at a fraction of the energy.

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