WK Jeep Grand Cherokee swaybar mod

Dropped and stiffened the wife's 06 GC about two years ago. In an effort to resolve all the squeaks and clunks I installed some zerk fittings on the swaybar mounts and carved grooves in the bushing to allow grease to coat the contact surfaces of the bar.

The Addco bar has some ridiculously cheesy coating, after two years it looked liked this


So I prepped it with a pressure blaster, shooting sand, and soaked it repeatedly with POR-15's Metal ready. You can see some of the corrosion becoming significantly pitted. Do yourself a favour and use the Metal Ready religioulsy, it's an important step in neutralizing the corrosion.


The bar mounts I simply drilled holes for zerks straight through the bushing. The rubber is not very compliant so effort was put in to ream a good sized hole in the rubber.


Next I cut grooves in the bushing to allow the grease to travel around the contact areas and laterally onto the collars at each end of the bar. I found that the dremel tool was effective but burned the rubber, a very sharp exacto knife is even more effective.

The collars were provided by Addco after I complained, I bought one of the first bilstein/eibach/Addco combos avail for the WK in '08, the bar was so stiff it was walking laterally, which caused it to hit the inner fender. You can see the collars in the last couple of pics.


Installed and greased, note the grease is coming out next to the collar.



The result is silky smooth cornering, no binding whatsoever. A "forever" coating of POR-15 and a little rattle can red give it a decent cosmetic appearance that should last.... forever.





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