my BFR in Vegas

It's been so many years since my last flight review I don't even want to admit it. Sure, I've sat right-seat a few times with my pal Julian, acting as safety pilot while he kept his instrument rating current shooting approaches. But aside from a few minutes with yoke in hand and a couple of takeoffs in his Cardinal-RG I hadn't been PIC for what seems an eternity.

Since I was attending a trade show in Vegas I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tour the Grand Canyon from the left seat. So I called Monarch Sky flying club out of Henderson Executive and made my plans for the BFR and a bit of touring.

I booked a Sunday morning with Josh the CFI in N61867, a well used but trusty Cessna 172M. The weather couldn't have been better, since AZ and Cali got slammed with a huge storm just a week before.


After a few minutes of preflight and a top-off we buckled-in to complete the usual BFR requirements; touch and goes, slow flight, steep turns, stalls and so on. Everything went decidedly well, Josh was convinced I had demonstrated the capabilities to sign off on my BFR. Relief, hah ! Why did I wait so long to do this ?

We had one more thing to complete, short field operations. Another instructor suggested we do Pearce Ferry, a long forgotten and practically abandoned gravel strip in the middle of freakin nowhere. Since Josh had never been there we were both kinda psyched to go on this little adventure and we were also getting along really well. Perhaps we're like-minded, I dunno, but for a young man he has all the attributes of a fine instructor and pilot; patience, communication, knowledge, deference, and friendliness, among others. I would highly recommend him as a CFI.
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With a little navigation help from the G430 we easily found the airport, if you could call it that, the approach end of runway 19 is sitting on the end of a 2500' escarpment. Woohoo ! This was gonna be exciting.

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Pearce Ferry in sight !

After an overflight to look for animals on the runway we entered a left downwind for 19, I half expected to see Wile E. Coyote. Again, Josh was satisfied with my short field landing so he asked if he could shoot one. Sure thing dude, so I whipped out my old digital camera and started rolling film. He greased it in, maybe 20' AGL, chopping power right at the ledge.

Here are some more short clips on the way back to Henderson. Notice the distant shot of Hoover Dam and the new bridge they are putting in to replace the old one lane road over the dam.

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