About me

Either you're just poking around my site or you really want to know About me. Hmmmm, to coin a phrase from one of my daughter's favorite TV shows; "this is awkward".

Well, I'm what you would call a Canuck. Winter sports come naturally, and I can still smell the season's first snowfall like an Eskimo can hear the Aurora Borealis. Yeah, I know. I'm full of it. Lol !Embarassed But really, my senses have been dulled by 10 years of Manhattan living.
That's me with my niece, Lea, skiing in St. Donat Quebec, on the border of Tremblant Park. It's much cheaper than Tremblant and the lift lines are a lot shorter.

I grew up in Montreal and moved to New York in the mid 80's, shortly after the separatists bloodied the economy up there. I had a lot of friends move on to other parts of the world as a result. Nonetheless, it's still a beautiful, clean, tree-lined city with a great social scene, music venues, restaurants, pubs and so on. The summer Jazz Festival is awesome, I attended the first one circa 1980. Imagine seeing 'They Might be Giants' open for 'UB40', live on an outdoor stage, and free !

Amongst the lot of gen-x babies, I've had the pleasure of experiencing the expanse of technological advancements these last few decades. From the first Apple II+ dad bought us kids, to the love of Open Source software I'm using on this website.

Since earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NYIT in the early 90's, I've enjoyed a diverse career utilizing analytical and practical skills in a variety of design and management roles. I've had positions in aviation supply chain management, information systems integration, quality assurance, sales, training, a stint in architecture, real estate development, even film and televison.

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