More about me

Like everyone else I've had a multitude of aliases and monikers on the web, but I've always been compelled to maintain a genuine online identity. For years it was Sedans and, a web and email server, mainly used for hosting images and detailed information about various projects and events.

Recently, one of my favorite websites/forums (ISSF) was wiped-out by an incompetent technician at their hosting company. More than ten years of publicly contributed information was lost to the bit bucket, much of it will never be recovered due to the fluid nature of the internet community. Remember folks, backup and recovery is a practice.

That event alone was not the deciding factor for me to build a new personal intranet. With the proliferation of free webmail and social networking sites, privacy has become somewhat of a concern for me. Not that I have anything to hide, I just find it creepy that somewhere out there is a giant database of my personal activites, conversations, purchases, whereabouts, etc.

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