LS1 to Caprice B-body Swap

LS1 engine harness layout


WK Jeep Grand Cherokee swaybar mod

Dropped and stiffened the wife's 06 GC about two years ago. In an effort to resolve all the squeaks and clunks I installed some zerk fittings on the swaybar mounts and carved grooves in the bushing to allow grease to coat the contact surfaces of the bar.

The Addco bar has some ridiculously cheesy coating, after two years it looked liked this



oh fsck, now I have a busted Eibach

Like all the squeaks and bumps in my WK suspension weren't enough. I'm looking around and I find the bilsteins hitting the inner fender. WTF ?!?!

yeah, just like the title says;

indexing looks fine.......... considering.

fortunately, Eibach has a 10 year warranty.


Battery retrofit; Optima Red top into '06 WK Jeep

Some of the OEM batteries installed in 06 Jeep (WK) Grand Cherokees were faulty. I had some alarm system strangeness occur one night at 1:30am that woke the neighbors. 4 years duty was enough for me to seek a better replacement.

For those ~in the know~ Optima are some of the best lead/acid and gel batteries on the market.


WK Jeep Adjustable pedal problem


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